Welcome to SynthoChirals Life Sciences

SynthoChirals Life Sciences, is a company formed to bring to the forefront many of the biological resources that India has. Amongst several initiatives by the founders, is the introduction to India, terahertz technology, making India only the 14th country in the world to have this technology with wide ranging applications in cancer detection and treatment, pharma industry, security and non-destructive testing. SynthoChirals has also several key partnerships including a technology for chemical fingerprinting of plants that can help identify not only the species but also its geographic origin as close as 500 meters apart. In fulfillment of their social responsibility, the founders have been working with National Innovation Foundation, a Govt. of India and IIM Ahmedabad initiative in identifying, registering and evaluation of traditional knowledge especially amongst the real tribals of remote areas in the Country, obtaining patents in their names for real products and ideas and subsequent market tie-ups to ensure that they get royalties on their products. This concept, including the fact that every product carries the name and or photograph of the innovator received tremendous applause from world over and reported in the Wall Street Journal. The founders also introduced the world’s first flapping wing robot that has implications in defence and surveillance, and for the past Seven years, independantly worked on a Bio-Artificial Liver Support System for which an India patent is on its way


SynthoChirals is committed to bring to India, several key medical technologies to help save lives. Some technologies researched in India, some in collaboration with other countries. One such technology is the bio-artificial Liver support system. Excorp Medical, Inc. USA also has developed a Bioartificial Liver System… an extracorporeal process to metabolize toxins from the blood of a patient in acute liver failure. SynthoChirals together with EXCORP formed a special purpose JV by name SynthoChirals to manufacture and market the Bio-artificial Liver Support system in India. We are pleased to introduce you to our site, technology and progress.


Excorp Medical, Inc. has developed a system for the temporary metabolic support of patients in acute liver failure in a 10-year collaboration with the leading university in liver transplantation and tissue engineering, the University of Pittsburgh, Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute. We have completed laboratory and preclinical studies, initiated FDA-authorized Phase I/II human clinical trials and established proof of principle for the technology.


It is estimated that liver diseases are among the top ten killer diseases in India, causing lakhs of deaths every year. Besides, there are those who suffer from chronic liver problems, needing recurrent hospitalization and prolonged medical attention, which leaves them physically, mentally, emotionally and financially devastated. On the other hand there are millions of cases of hepatic diseases, which go unreported or are reported when the matters have gone out of hand.