R. Linga Reddy Managing Director and Founder of SynthoChirals (P) Ltd, MBA from Pune University, last 10-years he is in business. He promoted along with Sridhar Reddy SLR Fine Chemicals. Than Promoted Syntho Chirals (P) Ltd and successfully running the Company from Day first in Profits.

R. Sridhar Reddy Technical Director and Founder of SynthoChirals (P)Ltd, MSc.from Osmania University, last 10-years he is doing business in processing and development of chemicals. He promoted along with Linga Reddy SLR Fine Chemicals. Than Promoted Syntho Chirals (P)Ltd and successfully running the Company from Day first in Profits.

Dr. Sangeetha Aggarwal A Cytogenetist. Graduated from prestigious University and has been exposed to many types of molecular markers and worked as ARO in ICMR funded project. She worked as a Research Scientist in CDFD and trainee. During her tenure in CDFD involved in cytogenetic and molecular markers based analysis for some of the genetic disorders in human patients suffering from congenital diseases.

Dr. I. Raajyalakshmi Director Technical. She is an MD (Doctor of Medicine) from N.T. R. University of health sciences and PGDMB (Postgraduate in Medicinal botany from Central University of Hyderabad. She has achieved in research projects on Herbal Drug Standardization at SIRO.

Professor Dr. Thakur Ramesh  Singh  Chouhan Director and Founder of SynthoChirals Lilfe Sciencesis an eminent Oncologist, renowned Scientist, healer and a person in the spiritual path. He was Former Dean, DIAS, and Professor, Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology, Dr.MGR University.

His degrees – medical apart, are many including two Ph.Ds and a D.Sc. His first PhD was under Nobel Laureate Dr. Douglas Dean. A student of JIPMER Pondicherry, he started his career as Research Officer & Co-Investigator, conducting studies on the Detection of Ovulation, Early Detection of Cancer Using Bio Electrography.  His research on Electrometry of Cancer, Cell Stimulation through EMR, Cell de-differentiation and guided re-differentiation, Stem cell transformation from adult tissues etc, were all far ahead of his times. He was the First to demonstrate invitro transformation of adult human epithelial cells to neurons and other tissues.  He was the first to introduce the concept, Gene Reprogramming in 1986. Nominee for Young Scientist Award by The Indian National Science Academy, 1988. Recipient of the “Diptimandala Anusandhana” Award of the Vishwa Yoga Samaj, 1989. He was mentioned in World’s “Who is Who” in 1991 for contributions to Biotechnology and cancer care.. Listed in ‘Who Is Who in Yoga and Biomedical Research’, Listed in ‘Directory of Complementary Medical Researchers’ Moscow. Recipient of the Order of International Fellowship –   Cambridge, UK, 20th Century Achievement Award – A B I, USA, His biography was included in 500 leaders of influence, 1995, a volume on permanent display at the library of congress, Washington DC.

He holds two patents. He has Lectured in several universities and congresses worldwide, Spoke at the UNITED NATIONS in Geneva and New York on several occasions,- the first when he was 27 years of age. Participated in medical rehabilitation of Chernobyl victims.

Daniel G. Miller, Ph.D
., Founder, President, CEO and Director has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Excorp Medical, Inc. since inception. Dr. Miller was President and Chief Operating Officer of Regenerex, Inc., a private company engaged in bioartificial liver research from January 1994 through August 1995. From May 1988 to July 1993 he was first Director and then Vice President for Research & Development at DIANON Systems, Inc., a public company providing laboratory services and information products to physicians in oncology and gynecology. He holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BS in Chemistry from Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Eileen F. Bostwick, Ph.D., Vice President, Clinical, Regulatory and Quality Affairs is a senior regulatory and clinical affairs executive experienced in developing human biopharmaceutical products from pre-clinical research through early stage clinical trials, and through regulatory approval and licensure for veterinary therapeutic biologicals. Previously, Dr. Bostwick was Vice President, Research and Development and one of the founders of GalaGen, a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of biologically active proteins from cow's milk for human health applications. Dr. Bostwick earned her Ph.D. in Physiology, with minors in pharmacology and immunology, from the University of Minnesota, holds 4 issued US patents and has authored 18 peer reviewed journal articles.

Craig L. Van Kampen, Ph.D. Vice President R&D and Manufacturing is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Wu‟xi Excorp Biotech Co., Ltd. Dr. Van Kampen is a seasoned R&D executive with experience in implantable medical devices ranging from orthopedics to surgical products and the corresponding biomaterials. He has been a consultant to the Corporation since August 2001. From 1993-1998, he was the R&D Director of the Center for Biomaterials Research at Medtronic, which is the world's leading medical device company. Dr. Van Kampen received his Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering in 1977 and his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering in 1973, both from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, holds 10 patents for various implant devices and surgical instruments, authored over 20 publications and 3 book chapters.

Ila Scott Hauge, BS, Vice President, Administration and Assistant Corporate Secretary has extensive experience in business operations and education. After a seven year career in teaching and educational development she joined AT&T during a period of rapid growth. The following 18 years included leadership rolls in Key Client Accounts, Staff Development, National and International Sales & Marketing, Quality Assurance, Operational Management, Project Management, Contract Negotiations, Corporate Communications and the integration of business units as the result of a massive business restructuring. Her leadership experiences include domestic and international roles, internal auditing, quality process management and education as well as championing multi-million dollar contract negotiations and directing the execution of strategic initiatives. Ms. Hauge is a graduate of St. Cloud State University.

James Stout, BS, JD is a consultant to the Company serving as Vice President, Quality Systems. Mr. Stout has also earned a Masters of Quality Management from Loyola University, trained as an ISO 9000 Lead Auditor by TÜV Cert., and as a Six Sigma Black Belt, at the Hong Kong Productivity Council. He has many years of experience developing quality systems for venture backed startups in the biosciences and related fields. Since 2002, Mr. Stout has worked as a private consultant with clients in Hong Kong and China interested in aligning their quality systems to international standards. He is Co-Founder of the Hong Kong Medical Device and Healthcare Industries Association. Mr. Stout earned his BS in Biological Sciences from Lowell Technological Institute and Doctor of Jurisprudence from Suffolk University..