Syntho Chirals (P) Ltd Have cGMP manufacturing facility which located in Bidar, Karnataka State, This is 120KM, from Hyderabad. We produce a wide range of API- Intermediates and Fine Chemicals. Especially Chirals, Chiral Catalysts, chiral building blocks, heterocyclic compounds and other active pharmaceutical ingredient compounds. We have a safety management system in place, and adhere to the responsible care programmers. Syntho has established a global network of more number of customers from many research centers, Pharmaceutical Company’s and chemical factory’s in the USA, Europe and Japan.

We have a good number of Professionals who have got immense experience in similar line. Manage both manufacturing and quality control. Have excellent production equipment and the best quality control laboratory to verify the final product. Syntho offers building blocks, and research chemicals that are optimized for drug discovery using chemic informatics-based design, we have the ability to provide a few grams of product or a few kilograms, even hundreds of kilograms of the products. In addition, in-house custom chemistry, and proprietary design services.
Syntho Chirals Private Limited (SCPL) is one of the contract manufacturing companies in India, engaged in the development, manufacturing of APIs intermediates and Chiral Intermediates to innovator companies. The Plant Infrastructure is adequate for manufacturing of any intermediates.

The Plant has started its operations in 2008 by rich pharmaceutical experienced personnel. The facility is situated at Plot No.53 B and 54 P, Kolhar KIADB Industrial Area, Bidar-585401, Karnataka..